- Documentary film about those who are healed and for most of them Living foods/Raw vegan food has played a role

A diagnosis of a severe disease can be a chock and come really from
bushes. Most people do then what ordered and take just the
treatments the healthcare system tells them to take.
Without questioning, just trusting to the system. And the system doesn't
give alternatives normally. Many ask for example after hearing a cancer
diagnosis: " What if I don't do anything ? Or if I try something else ? "
Hearing medical doctor`s answer about getting a lot worse or about death
quite soon ( even some timetable often given for death ). Some people
anyway want to take a different path and look for alternative ways to heal
themselves. What ever the start point is. Many of these looking for
alternative ways to heal have found programs and Institutes for Living
Foods/Rawfoods etc. or have begun to change their lifes independently. How are
these people now several years or 10-30 years after diagnosis ?

This documentary travels around from person to person who are healed
from different health challenges - or as they normally are
called "diseases". The film follows persons in Finland and in Europe.
Different persons, different ages are listened and looked at their life
with living foods or some other food/lifestyle. Or is living foods/ raw vegan foods still in their life or was it just the food in healing period ? Or is it perhaps some other philosophy or/and regime they`re following ?
What kind of changes they made in their lives ? We document their
philosophy of life and lifestyle. Did they change mentally, emotionally
and spiritually and if, how ?
The shootings begun in Autumn 2013 and is ongoing until Autumn 2015.

The film is looking forward financing on grass level from ordinary people
who feel this film important. You can support the film with an amount you
want or can. All supporters will get a copy of the film when it`s ready, hopefully Christmas 2015. All who support the film at least with 100 euros are welcome to participate a celebration-dining with living foods at the premier eve. Supports to bank account FI64 5068 0620 0973 43 (and you might need a Bic-code: OKOY FIHH) Please send an e-mail with your name and place to get a dvd/invitation to premiere !!
You can also support the project by telling about it to
persons who could be interviewed as healed/ in healing process or
doctors/nurses or nutritional experts or because they have some company
like growing sprouts or wheatgrass or restaurant serving living foods/raw
vegan foods or giving courses on living foods/rawfoods etc. You can also support our tiny film group´s trips to Europe -
first ones in Feb and June 2014 and next ones in summer 2015 - by giving a place to overnight and let us make wheatgrass juice and green juice and/or let one-two persons filmgroup make living food meal at your home serving it to you too or asking someone you know to give us a place to overnight.
Contacts to the director of the film: Virpi Virolainen, tel. +358408317733

At the same time with the film we`re making a book on same issues. In
the book it`s possible to tell your true story about healingprocess without name